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Just a bunch of drawings.





Hello my total of fourty-somethin' followers!
As you are aware (and painfully so), I have been less than active on this account. Reason? Simple:
I do most of my stuff on Tumblr now-a-days. So, if you do wish to continue keeping an eye on what I do (and the fandoms I have recently joined and things of the like), do go find ancientrock2 on Tumblr. That's me (clearly) and that's how you will be able to keep an eye on me (kinda).
Before some of you complain about this, in truth, dA was nice... for a while. But, from the fact that Tumblr can do the same things, if not better, and I don't have to worry about some of my younger follows (like me) who read/look at things that dA say are "too mature" for us (trust me, it's stupid) can't read/look at my stuff. While Tumblr does have a lack of chatrooms, that can be easily fixed by going to actual chat-room sites (dA is technically just an art site, they just have groups and chatrooms on the side), so done. Another thing:
I just find Tumblr easier to use. It's not that dA is hard to use (having used, something that uses and very hard to understand layout, dA was actually wonderful), it's just I go on Tumblr more than I do dA. So you won't find me on dA as often as I used to. Tumblr was basically my start over into a more "mature" life (I use the word "mature" lightly here). I can use video, I can upload stuff easier, I can tag things, etc.
Now, does that mean I'm going to leave dA forever? Most likely not. Highly doubtful. But Tumblr (at the moment) is what I use. I can hook up a PayPal account to it (and Tumblr doesn't have a "point" system for their money, they actually use money, and when I get a PayPal).
Before you go, though, and charge to my Tumblr all expecting sweet and caring and such, do be aware:
There is a whole lot of cussing (a lot of cussing, trust me on this)
Some NSFW things
And mostly, my more crazier life-style that you guys don't really see on here.
So, if you do still want to keep an eye on what I do, go track down ancientrock2 on Tumblr. If I suddenly get a surge of random people, I'll know it's you guys.
Oh, and do keep an eye out on my Youtube Channel under the same name here.
Now that this whole dump of things is off my chest and onto you guys, have a good day!


Mikayla Foulkes
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
What's up?
I'm Mikayla, but I also go by Ancientrock on here and a few others.
I'm a fifteen-year-old (though it will change, obviously), with a more... child-like behavior. I do art, though most of it is writing, and I will always be up for commissions.
I have six main OCs (hey, Mane Six!). These are:
Adyna Addiena: My main OC, she's the first Creepypasta one I ever made. A mixture between :icongingaakam: and :iconcorgi-moon-pie: 's characters Kagekao (Ginga's) and Suicide Sadie (corgi's), she has a purple and pink mask, bright colored clothes, and mostly red hair with a single orange and yellow streak (or something like that...).
Silveru: One of my oldest characters I have ever created, Silveru is a "Large-Wing." Large-Wings are fairies that are human sized. He doesn't have normal Fairy powers, as it is found out that he isn't a "true" Fairy. He has pale skin, black hair, and pink heather colored eyes.
Kiki Can't See: An optomology doll that went evil, she broke after so many uses. Instead of "Kiki Can See," she became a sort of joke for all those at the school, becoming "Kiki Can't See." She hunts the world, looking for eyes.
Stik-Stalk: A stick-man with a homoscidle tendency, this monster comes in the form of drawing. You draw him, then you die. Simple as that. He has claws, a tail, and a mouth that comes up to his actual jaw. With large, triangle eyes, he's always watching. Be careful what you draw.
Lucy: Inspired by the nick-name given to the darker thoughts that plague our minds, this young girl is rather new, just like her guardian. Lucy was a kindergartener when her parents died. Her mother and father had gotten into a fight on the road, and this ended up causing a crash. She was found by a being known as the StichMan.
StichMan: A Slender Man like creature with a rag-doll like body, he is the protector of Lucy. He looks like the Scarecrow from "Batman" and the Slender Man himself decided to have a kid. This is that creature. Just like Lucy, he's rather new to this world, so don't flame him! I just needed something creepy and cute to match Lucy, him representing the creepy part.

Steal my dudes, I will hunt you down.

Commissions: Depending on how complex, how many/how long, each goes up five points.
Art Trades: Welcome. Give me the art first.
Birthday gifts: To me, welcome. To you (unless I know you), no.
Questions: Yes. I will answer them.

Tumblr: ancientrock2 Ancientrock
I will give email to friends ONLY. If you are not a friend, go away.

Do not ask anything perverted. I will not answer it. (Unless it deals with characters, like if Adyna has a boyfriend or something.)

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I just want points and to see how many people watch/see/whatever me!

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